We’re getting closer to a Galaxy Far Far Away

Two words you’ve heard a thousand times, but with the new film “the force awakens” being released in 7 days your bound to hear it even more. If you didn’t already know Thursday night kicked off Star Wars Week .

Last Thursday we saw Darth Vader and co taking a graceful ride down the river sven in the Forrest of Dean. The stunt was used to publicise productions made in the area. Some shots from The Force Awakens were shot in nearby Puzzlewood, which has been used in other productions such as Doctor Who, Merlin and Jack the Giant Slayer.


The force is now heading to Cheltenham; Tesco, The Brewery and Moomoos clubrooms will all be holding Stars Wars themed events over the next week. Tesco will be holding a Star Wars day on, while The Brewery will host a full-blown convention that will see Darth Vader’s and Han Solo’s from across Gloucestershire unite in the name of Star Wars on December 19th.

The film being released on the 17th and has already secured more than 50 million in advance ticket sales, surpassing the first instalment of the Hunger Games. We asked Star Wars fans how they have been preparing for the galactic day.


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