The Polish community in Cheltenham

After 52.5% of people voted to leave the EU brexit will affect many foreigners in the UK.

One community which will be damaged is the Polish society.

Polish people have been living in the UK since the war, impressing us with their work ethic and their desire to be a part of the British lifestyle.

The most commonly spoken non-native language in the UK is Polish, with more than half a million people in Britain speaking Polish as their first language.

Over half a million Polish born people have made their homes here. A figure that has increased seven fold since 2003, just when 75,000 were listed on the census.

Over the last decade many major supermarkets, e.g. Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s have stocked up on Polish food and drink.


In Cheltenham, there are many Polish people with jobs, and families who live here.

There are two Polish shops on the Lower High Street of Cheltenham – Krzys Polski Sklep and Malinka Polish Delecatessen.

A student at the University of Gloucestershire feels that the Polish community in Cheltenham isn’t as large as cities like Birmingham and London but is still expanding.

He feels that Brexit has already affected Polish people, and that peoples opinions of them are becoming very opinionated and bigoted.

Notably racial crimes across the country have scared him, such as a shed being set on fire in Cornwall.

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