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How does Cheltenham recycle? Here are the hard facts.

Recycling is an everyday part of our lives that we don’t often think too much about. From putting glass in one bin and plastics in another we don’t stop to wonder what happens to it after or how much we actually recycle. While national recycling figures haven’t yet been released for 2020/21, here in Cheltenham we have seen tonnes of waste being recycled.

The residents of Cheltenham alone have managed to recycle approximately 11,300 tonnes of waste in the last financial year. This has been broken down into the different sub-categories of recycling.

In the 2020/21 financial year, approximately 132 tonnes of Aluminium has been recycled though the roadside collection lorries.

Steel tins and cans have also contributed to the overall total with approximately 309 tonnes being recycled in 2020/21.

Paper is one of the most common materials in our day to day lives that gets recycled. Used for letters, adverts and takeaway leaflets, paper made up approximately 2639 tonnes of recycling in 2020/21.

With approximately 3035 tonnes of card recycled in 2020/21, it makes up about a third of the total figure from the financial year. This could be a result of increased online shopping during the pandemic.

Plastic, another everyday material filling up our recycling bins. In 2020/21 Cheltenham borough residents recycled approximately 1762 tonnes of plastic.

We use glass all the time, it is everywhere in our homes. From vases, to lightbulbs and bottles the amount of glass recycled in 2020/21 hit a massive approximate of 3415.05 tonnes.

Here at the University of Gloucestershire we are the most sustainable university in the UK. With this in mind I decided to speak to students to see what their recycling habits are and what their thoughts on the importance of it is?

When asked if they knew what could be recycled together and separately one student, Ollie said “Erm I would go with no not really, I know it’s like certain type of plastics.”

Another student Troy Harrison told me “We separate all the plastic, cans and the bottles.”

In response to the idea of it being important Ollie said “I think its important but the more important part is that the big companies on the planet need to do more.”

Troy Harrison also thinks, “it is really important, the older generation need to act as well because its not enough for the younger generation to do.”

Recycling may seem like a simple everyday task but with the current global crisis even the smallest bit of plastic being put in the right bin can help.

If you want to learn more about how to recycle in your area check the government here.

Keep updated by looking out for the next story on recycling coming soon!

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