Strict uniform rules for schools in Cheltenham

A school in Cheltenham has previously turned away pupils in September not having the correct uniform and according to Gloucestershire Live, parents were told to keep their children at home and wait up to three weeks before their new school attire was ready.

But when do parents say enough is enough? And when did school uniform take priority over education? Should we be appreciating individuality and different cultures? Yes, a scruffy look accompanied by a tracksuit may send out the wrong message but if you’re in smart, comfortable clothing then what is the obsession with having every single item embalmed with the school’s logo.

Some argue that this teaches young pupils about the importance of following strict dress codes and readies them for work in later life. But with many office, retail and even some high end professions such as doctors not conforming to an identical dress code, is there any point in having such a rule anymore?

Looking at a website which sells local secondary school uniforms in Cheltenham – we found the prices for main school blazers which are worn throughout years 7-11:

Cleeve School: £15.00

Pittville School: £29.00

Balcarras School: £52.50

Chosen Hill School: £57.50

Bournside School: £57.50

We can see a difference of £42.50 between the most expensive and inexpensive blazer. With some of the schools listed, you either have the option of buying the best quality blazer, or a slightly less quality blazer, but both come with the embroiled badge (most prices at £29). Would having two separate blazers clearly point out which children are from a low income households and which ones aren’t? This can be an open gate to bullying.

A recent poll on Twitter, “Do you think parents spend too much money on school uniforms?” concluded that 85% of people answered “Yes”.

Is it time that schools took a step back and reevaluated the importance and costs about their pupils school uniforms? Let us know your thoughts at UoGlos Live (@Jnews_L6).

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