How motherhood affects your education.

Being a mother is tough, regardless of what age you are, or how many kids you have. But having kids whilst in education could possibly be a nightmare.

You have a choice of either putting your life on hold to bring up the kids or continuously put them in the care of someone else so you finish your degree. Neither of which are ideal situations.

Young women with higher education qualifications are just as likely to be out of work as young men who have no qualifications, often due to the impact of having children, poor mental health or a lack of suitable jobs, a major new study has reported.

Despite this, one of the people I spoke to said that she wanted to try and have the best of both worlds.
“I struggled, but I was thinking, I don’t want to have children at a late age. But then, I don’t want to be a mature student, so I had to sit and think about it.”
At the moment, she is in her third year, studying Sports Science at Bucks New University with a 3-year-old baby. She has a job and is single. And she puts to not having enough time to meet someone, with the amount of coursework she has to do and looking after her child.
“I’m still pretty close to my babies dad, and he goes off to him every other weekend. But it’s tough, my life is between my child and my education”

Motherhood has a greater impact on a woman’s career prospects than her level of education, the study by the Young Women’s Trust found. “Qualifications do not outweigh the effect of being a woman,” the report said, though the higher the level of qualification that a young person has, the less their chance of becoming economically inactive.

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