Reassessment mess: How Gloucestershire students nearly missed out

Nearly a hundred GCSE results in Gloucestershire have been changed after reassessment due to an administration error.

Students at the Cotswold School and Balcarras School submitted their papers to be reviewed, expecting them to change by a couple of marks. However, after some papers came back with a difference of two grade boundaries, schools resubmitted hundreds of exams to be remarked.

At the Cotswold School, in Bourton-on-the-Water, 85 grades were changed, with some students gaining an additional twelve marks – the difference between an A and a C grade.

Annabel LeBrun, the administrations officer at the school, said that reassessment on this scale was unprecedented.

“It’s probably the largest amount of change that we’ve ever had,” she said. “We’re definitely shocked that so many of them have.”

She also speculated about the reason behind the issues.

“Potentially the recent change in the marking system could’ve had an effect,” she said.

Nearly all of the papers which were changed were English AQA papers.

We have contacted AQA for comment but have not yet received a response.

“It just makes you think about how many other students may have the wrong grades and might have missed out,” said Miss LeBrun. “It’s really shaken my confidence in the system.”

If you think your exams might have been marked incorrectly, you can find more information about reassessment here.

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