Gloucestershire voters paint the county blue

It was a great moment for the local Conservative Party last night with the party winning all six seats across the county.

This is the first time it’s happened since the 2010 general election, when Neil Carmichael won the Stroud seat from Labour MP David Drew.

History has appeared to repeat itself, with Conservative candidate Siobhan Baillie ousting David Drew once again from his seat which he reclaimed in 2017.

The seat in Cheltenham was hard fought, with Alex Chalk being able to hold on to his seat against the odds by just 700 votes to Lib Dem candidate Max Wilkinson after a recount.

The MP’s from Gloucester, Tewkesbury, the Forest of Dean and The Cotswolds were all able to retain their seats comfortably.

Here is the full round-up of the results:


Alex Chalk (Con): 28,486

Max Wilkinson (LD) 27,505

George Penny (Lab): 2921

George Ridgeon (MRLP): 445


Siobhan Baillie (Con): 31,582

David Drew (Lab): 27,742

Molly Scott Cato (Green): 4,954

Desi Latimer (Brexit Party): 1,085

Glenville Gogerly (Libertarian Party): 567

The Cotswolds

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Con): 35,484

Liz Webster (LD): 15,270

Alan MacKenzie (Lab): 7,110

Sabrina Poole (Green): 3,312


Laurence Robertson (Con): 35,728

Alex Hegenbarth (LD): 13,318

Lara Chaplin (Lab): 9,310

Cate Cody (Green): 2,784

Forest of Dean

Mark Harper (Con): 30,680

Di Martin (Lab): 14,811

Chris McFarling (Green): 4,681

Julian Burrett (Independent): 1,303


Richard Graham (Con): 29,159

Fran Boait (Lab): 18,882

Rebecca Trimnell (LD): 4,338

Michael Byfield (Green): 1,385

You can find the live blog coverage from Nat Schaefer here: https://www.uoguniversal.com/general/live-general-election-2019-gloucestershire-results/

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