The Male Contraceptive Injection – would you use it?

A male contraceptive injection has been trailed and brought to an early halt in the USA. With a success rate of 96%, 7 in 10 males in Gloucestershire wouldn’t use the injection.

There were 270 males between the ages of 18-45 years who took part in this research conducted by the University of Edinburgh (USA), but the trail was brought to an end due to  side effects.

20 men in the survey reported contraceptive side effects including weight gain, depression, acne and changes in libido. This injection has proved equally effective to the female contraceptive pill created in the 1950’s by scientist Gregory Pincus. Since the research has been published, there has been strong reaction stating that the side effect are no different from what females experience with their contraception.


UoGlos Live conducted a survey to men in Gloucestershire and 70% of those asked said that they would not use the injection themselves. However, 100% of the participants believe more research should be conducted into female contraceptives to improve the side effects. When the participants were asked if they believe if females should use the a contraceptive pill, 90% responded with Yes even though they highlighted they wouldn’t use this form of contraceptive themselves.

Feedback discovered the men in Gloucestershire feel that the media does not inform the public enough about what men can do in terms of contraception.

The research conducted is a huge move in the contraceptive options, but it appears that men in Gloucestershire may not be ready for this option yet.



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