Frack Off: Protest over fracking licenses in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire County Council’s plan to award fracking licenses in the Forest of Dean has received a backlash.

A protest was led by local residents last weekend to gain further awareness and support for the petition ‘Stop Fracking’. It has so far received over 1400 signatures.


‘No Fracking’ started in August, when the Forest of Dean and an area east of the River Severn had been selected for a potential fracking location.

Jason, an active member of the campagin, said:  ‘The Forest of Dean is not an appropriate place.’

‘There were also interestingly people there from all different political persuasions (at the protest).’

‘One of the speakers was brave enough to say that he was a Tory voter and that he actually was going to talk to MP Mark Harper and inform him of local conservatives wishes and that they want their MP to stick up for the Forest of Dean and to say no to fracking. ‘

One supporter wrote on the petition: ‘politicians and energy companies thinking about their short term gain rather than the long term impact on our planet.’

Gloucestershire county councillor Will Windsor-Clive told BBC news in a previous interview: “We’re surprised that areas of Gloucestershire have been suggested for fracking, given the British Geological Survey showed no significant deposits of shale gas in the county.”

Gas and oil industries however argue that fracking will increase UK energy security and create jobs.

Fracking is where water, chemicals and sand is blasted at shale rocks at high pressure to release the gas trapped inside. Protesters are concerned of the risks fracking carries including the chance of earth tremors, pollution and water contamination.



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