Live Blog: Education Week – Day 2

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9:00: How motherhood affects your education – Philippa Chilton.

9:30: This girl could: but does she? – Rebecca Iles

10:00: Britain is at the forefront of a “technology revolution” – Phillip Hammond’s budget looks to match European partners – Joe Tucker.

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10:30: What are schools doing to help students with mental health issues? – Philippa Chilton.

11:00: What should be taught in schools? – Mel Etheridge.

Coming up today: Are GCSE grades being altered?

12:00: World Aids Day: the fight against the prejudice – Joe Tucker.

13:00: Politics religion education survey – Olivia Scull.

2:30: Reassessment mess: How Gloucestershire students nearly missed out – Chloe Shakesby.

That’s all from us, we’ll see you next week for our crime special!

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