Britain’s favourite firework foods

It’s Bonfire Night this Sunday, with all the excitement of the fireworks and burning a effigy of Guy Fawkes, it’s easy to forget about the unsung hero of the night-food.

November 5th holds different traditions all over the country, but one thing is unanimous, and that is food is key. Whether it be a simple burger, a soul-warming bowl of soup, or a classic hog roast, people in Gloucestershire will be treating themselves while they ooh and ah at firework displays all over the county this weekend.

So without further ado, here is our top grub for Bonfire Night.

Jacket Potato

A Jacket Potato is a classic British staple, and the beauty of it lies in its simplicity. The idea is you can just get your potato, wrap it up in foil and whack it on the bonfire next to Guy Fawkes. Then go ahead and top it with whatever you like: butter, cheese, beans, or sour cream.


You really can’t beat a mug of warm, hearty soup when you’re out in the cold November air. Tomato, butternut squash, chicken, parsnip or leek, the possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Hot Dogs

Another simple dish that can be cooked on the bonfire, hot dogs are almost universally loved. A sausage in a roll, topped with whatever your heart desires- can’t beat it.


S’mores are an American invention but have been adopted by us Brits as a camping and Bonfire Night favourite. Simple and fun to make, you take a marshmallow and melt it over the fire, before squashing it between two biscuits with a bit of chocolate spread for good measure.

Parkin Cake

Parkin is a traditional sponge cake eaten on Bonfire Night, especially popular in the North. It’s a sort of gingerbread, sticky toffee pudding, brownie hybrid, but unlike other baked goods, it improves and gets softer the longer you leave it. It’s a perfect treat to wrap up the night.



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