How the Gunpowder Plot was hatched in the Cotswolds

Gunpowder, treason and plot- the planned mass murder of a king and his Government may have been cooked up in the Cotswolds.

Once again, it’ll soon be that time where the skies are lit up with the flashes and glows of fireworks and bonfires, to remember the infamous night that Guy Fawkes attempted to obliterate parliament.

Thirteen radical Catholics plotted to blow up the houses of Parliament, but who was the real mastermind behind this planned massacre?

Guy Fawkes joined the group of extremists whos leader was Robert Catesby. Their plan was to eradicate King James I as they wanted a Catholic to be sat on the throne.

The crime was planned to take place in September 1604, but due to the plague parliament was shut meaning they had to post-pone.

Although it was Guy Fawkes who was found with the 36 barrels underneath the building, Robert Catesby lead the rebellion.

Catesby was also once the owner of The Chastleton estate in the Cotswolds.

Previous to the planned attack, Catesby’s mother was living in the house. It was in the early part of 1605 when Robert Catesby stayed in the house with his cohorts.

This is what leads some to think that plan to demolish parliament on the 5th of November 1605, may have been hatched among the beautiful landscape of the Cotswolds.

Robert Catesby died on the 8th of November 1605. After fleeing London, the police caught up with him and he died of a gunshot wound whilst fighting the authorities.

Attempts were made to save his life for information and to be brought to trial, but he succumbed to his injuries. He was decapitated and it is said that his head was put on display on the building of the House of commons.

After the death of Robert Catesby, the house was bought by Walter Jones who had a career in law. Sometime between 1607 and 1612, Jones tore the house down and built the mansion that stands there today. The property stayed in his family for 400 years.

The estate is now owned by the National Trust.

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