Kano Health and Fitness owner offering free bootcamp sessions to all students

As part of the get up and go scheme, Strength and conditioning student and owner of Kano health and fitness is encouraging students to join the free outdoor and Covid-19 friendly bootcamp sessions.

Sessions are being held every Wednesday in Gloucester and every Friday in Cheltenham, for students who want to avoid gyms but still benefit from one-to-one training and classes in an outdoor covid-safe space.

Finn Murray, a second year student at University of Gloucestershire who runs the sessions with other sports teams, said he started the bootcamp to boost health and mental health and help people make new friends through it.

He said the sessions are adaptable:

“You can do whatever you can do and you will still have those positive health benefits.”

With restrictions to Covid, the get up and go scheme been harder to organise with limitations to what can and can’t be done, including handing out flyers for advertising and training inside.

“The communication I’ve had regarding boot camps involved a request to install flyers within Cheltenham based Halls which is not possible as we are limiting access into Halls due to safety restrictions due to Covid-19. Even outside of the current restrictions, we would only allow flyers for essential University messages which would not include advertising classes. This is to ensure privacy with student homes.”

Stephen Burrows, Landlord for Pittville Student Halls

Still sticking to the Covid-19 guidelines and avoiding advertising using flyers, Finn Murray’s sessions are safe and inclusive, following guidelines and remaining masked if in an indoor or non-distant environment. He said: “We are minimising any equipment sharing and I provide spray, hand sanitisers and social distancing warm ups.”

With the programme becoming increasingly popular, and the amount of people being able to attend being limited with restrictions in place by law, Finn asks people to sign up on the Kano health and fitness Instagram bio to ensure his sessions can still safely go ahead as part of the get up and go scheme.

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