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Houseplants and health; how a plant can help you with the new lockdown

With the start of a new lockdown and a lot of confusion regarding what will happen this year, having a small constant in your life may help you maintain a healthy mental wellbeing in a time where everything’s changing. For many people houseplants have been an anchor in the sea of uncertainty.

Following the first lockdown looking after houseplants became a new hobby for many who had never had the time to commit to looking after plants. And gave those who didn’t have the greenest of fingers an opportunity to try and keep a plant alive.

Speaking to student Claire Palmer about her plants she revealed that she had gotten hers during the march lockdown but is considering getting more during the current lockdown.

“I plan on getting trailing plants. I like the way they look; they are relatively clean; they are pretty sturdy so if university gets in the way they will be alright if I forget about them for a while.”

When asked why she brought her plants with her to university she replied, “They make my room feel less dead.” She advices other students to get a plant to bring life into their rooms in this bleak time of the year, especially with the government’s restrictions on classic student life. 

Of course, students are not the only people to be buying houseplants. Many people have been trying their hand at tending to plants. With studies coming out that looking after indoor plants not only improves the air quality in your home but the structure and routine that comes from watering and checking on them has helped people’s mental wellbeing. Which may be a reason for the boom in people looking after them during lockdown as they don’t have much to do but be in their homes.

When speaking to Claire she gave an insight into what her plants have done for her during lockdown.

“It’s almost helping me to keep a schedule. It gives you something to take care of, so if you’re having issues with your schedule, it’s something pretty steadfast and doesn’t change, and it’s something you can look at every day and tick off your list.”

With many potential lockdowns on the horizon, maybe it’s time to look into getting a houseplant? If not for the look, the health benefits are enough to make one a worthwhile investment. And who knows, maybe you have a green finger?

Interview with Claire Palmer on how houseplants have helped her mental health

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