How healthy is your child’s school lunch?

Food poverty campaigner Kathleen Kerridge has called for all UK schools to ban packed lunches as part of a healthy eating campaign.

Some schools in the UK have already banned packed lunches and provide each child with a school lunch.

In a debate about children’s health at London’s City Hall, Kerridge expressed her concern that parents might influence unhealthy eating in other children.

Speaking at the event, Kerridge said: “I don’t think the responsibility for feeding a child at school should ever be given to the parents, because if one child sees another eating a cake and drinking a can of coke they will want it.”

Here are some snacks that feature frequently in children’s packed lunches:

Bear Pure Fruit Paws Dino: 55p

Per 20g                                                                Per 100g

54 calories– 7.56g sugar– 0.04g fat.           275 calories – 37.8g sugar-0.2f fat     

Goodies Blackcurrant Star Fruit: 60p

Per 12g                                                               Per 100g

40 calories – 0.1g fat – 7.5g sugar               331 calories – 0.5g fat – 62.8g sugar

Kiddylicious Raspberry Crisps: 60p

Per 12g                                                              Per 100g

41 calories – <0.5g fat – 7.6g sugar            340 calories – 1.9g fat – 62.4g sugar

Ellas Kitchen Melty Hoops: 70p

Per 20g                                                           Per 100g

17 calories – 0.6g fat – <0.5g sugar           436 calories – 16.2g fat – <0.5g sugar

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, together with Sheffield University, have published a report warning that our schools are troubled by a culture of high fat and sugary foods being used as rewards’.  They say the problem is uneducated parents who don’t know what healthy alternatives schools are offering their children.

They add, dangerous ignorance about food and nutrition is creating an unhealthy food environment at secondary schools, compromising pupils’ ability to make good food choices.


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