Number of cancer sufferers in Gloucestershire increasing

The number of people suffering from cancer in Gloucestershire has increased, NHS figures have revealed.

17,612 people in the county suffered from a form of cancer in 2015-16.

This figure is up by over 1,000 compared to the previous year, with one in every 35 people registered to a Gloucestershire GP now a cancer sufferer.

While the figures have increased, they are still below the national average which currently stands at one in every 40 people.

North Norfolk is among the most affected places in the UK, with one in every 25 people suffering from the disease.

One factor for the increased rates is that the UK’s current population are living for longer than previous ones.

Areas with more elderly people are likely to have more cases of cancer.

All types of cancer combined are the most common ‘killer’ in the UK – with dementia and heart disease the worst.

Cancer Research UK have been promoting ‘Giving Tuesday’, encouraging everyone to donate and support the charity.

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