Get some clarity: How to prevent your face mask fogging up your vision.

All glasses wearers know the pain of walking into a warm building on a winter’s day and suddenly you are hit with the dreaded steamy specs. Unfortunately now this is more common than ever. With masks required indoors, glasses are steaming up everywhere, blurring vision whatever the weather.

With contacts not being the answer for everyone, here are some tips to prevent a foggy faux pas.

Tape up

Double sided tape that is safe for skin is available online so you can tape the top of your mask down to your nose and cheeks, to stop your breath escaping upwards and fogging up your lenses.

Create a seal

You can use your glasses to pin your mask down to your face. Place your mask on first and pull it up as close to your eyes as possible. Then put your glasses over the top using them to press the mask down enough to close up any gaps.

Do your washing up

Washing your glasses in soapy water and leaving them to air dry instead of wiping them can create a film on the lenses which prevents them steaming up. It’s recommended to use fairy liquid as it doesn’t contain any lotions that could make them greasy.

Get a tissue

Folding a tissue up and putting it between your mask and your nose can absorb excess moisture escaping up to your eyes. Although this method can be uncomfortable on your skin and may be fiddly.

Invest in some anti fogging products

Sprays are available to buy in most opticians or online to use on your glasses to prevent them fogging up. They can cost between £5-£20. This is probably the easiest option if you want a quick fix and don’t mind spending a bit of money.

Paperclip bridge

For more of a DIY hack you can mould a paperclip to the bridge of your nose, when wearing a cloth mask, to make it fit your face and limit your breath escaping. This imitates the metal bridge on the more professional masks and the disposables

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