Shock at sudden closure of The Daffodil in Cheltenham

One of Cheltenham’s top restaurants, The Daffodil, has closed.  The restaurant, which is known for its iconic Art Deco setting, quality cuisine and live jazz, shut last Friday with the loss of 35 jobs.

Lee O’Connor, a former waiter of at the historic restaurant says he was shocked by the sudden closure:

“It’s absolutely disgusting; we should have been told. I hope we get compensation, otherwise some sort of legal action needs to be taken.”

He also went on to criticise the way the staff had been treated whilst at work.

The owners of the Daffodil refused to comment on the closure, but it’s understood an announcement will be made within the next week.

The restaurant was a client of Cheltenham public relations company, SilverBall PR. However due to client confidentiality they too say they cannot discuss the situation.

Cheltenham’s mayor, Duncan Smith had organised a charity event to be held at the restaurant to be held in a few weeks time (18 February). This was in aid of two charities, Cotswold Riding for the Disabled and Maggie’s Centre in Cheltenham.  The dinner event is still going ahead, but has been moved to a different venue.

Debbie Dundas, a fundraiser from Maggie’s says she was disappointed by the closure, “It is a shame that The Daffodil has closed. It is a beautiful venue that has been supportive of The Mayor of Cheltenham’s Charities, Maggie’s Cheltenham and Cotswold RDA.”


More updates next week
More updates next week

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