Smartwater helps crime plunge in highly populated students area St Paul’s.

Smartwater, a new method of protecting household property, has been a key factor in reducing burglary rates in the St Paul’s area of Cheltenham, recent figures suggest.

Gloucestershire Police have been giving out free Smartwater packs to residents in St Paul’s since March last year.

Burglaries are down by 72% in the St Paul’s area of Cheltenham since the scheme was introduced.

Hope Fawsitt, the Community Officer for The Students’ Union at the University of Gloucestershire has put the success down to the fear factor of Smartwater.

“I think it’s scaring burglars away because it’s got a 100% conviction rate.

Burglaries have reduced by 72% so far we’re waiting on more results on this but it’s positive so far.

We’ve recommended that everyone put the stickers in their window saying that their properties are Smartwater protected. I think (the burglars) realise they can’t get away with it anymore”, said Fawsitt.

But what exactly is Smartwater?

“Smartwater is a forensic chemical that can pretty much go on anything. It protects any valuables or anything in your house and the Smartwater can be easily tracked down if burgled”, added Fawsitt.

The Student’s Union work alongside the community group St Paul’s Streetwatch, a group dedicated to tackling crime in the area.

Streetwatch have been encouraging the 250 student homes in the area to get involved in the scheme and giving safety advice to students.

After the success of the Smartwater deterrent in the St Paul’s area, Fawsitt would like to see it rolled out across other areas of the town.

“It’s something they’re really pushing and it’s only in St Paul’s area at the minute but hopefully they’ll be able to expand that and there will be more positive results everywhere else.”

And students can still claim a FREE Smartwater pack, just contact Hope Fawsitt (, Student’s Union Community Officer to find out more.

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