32 people arrested for burglary since launch of Stolen Memories campaign.

Since the launch of the Stolen Memories campaign, thirty-two people have been arrested and charged for burglaries across the Gloucestershire area.

The Gloucestershire police launched the Stolen Memories campaign in late October 2016, a service aimed at tackling the growing number of theft and burglary reports that have grown in recent months.

Some of the men who were caught, including an unnamed fifteen-year-old boy, are now in custody and are awaiting their appearances in court.

Twenty others have been released on bail while police investigate their cases further, while another four have been transferred to another police station for investigation. Two under eighteen-year-olds have also been given youth cautions for their burglaries.

This is just the start of a long campaign set up to crack down on burglaries in the Gloucestershire area. If you have any more questions, or wish to report a burglary, then visit:

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