The soaring cost of childcare

Working parents are struggling to pay for childcare as costs rise four times faster than wages. Childcare is now so expensive that families are better off if one parent gives up work to take full time care of their children.

Since 2008, the average cost of childcare for an under two has risen by 49 percent. That means 21 hours of child care in 2008 cost £67, compared to 2016 where childcare cost increased to £99, and the cost to send a toddler to nursery part-time has risen by a third in the past five years, a survey found.

 A nursery support worker from Cheltenham said “Without funding, paying for childcare could take up the majority of one parents wage, especially when they have more than young child that needs care.”
While rising childcare costs affect parents with children of all ages, it particularly impacts children aged one and under. A single parent with a one year old who works full time spends as much as 40 percent of their wage on nurseries.
Despite heavy government spending on childcare, there are still gaps in provision for families who are struggling to make ends meet.
The study found that nurseries and childminders kept prices down during the recession and but are now raising fee’s to combat losses from the government’s free places scheme.
Government support only kicks in when a child reaches two:
  •  Two year old’s are entitled to free education and free childcare if parents receive benefits.
  •  All 3-4 year old are entitled to either 15 or 30 hours of free childcare.
 For any more information on children care services please visit the Gov website:

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