You’re never too young to learn: How the University of Gloucestershire prepares the students of the future

At the University of Gloucestershire inspiring the next generation is a key part of their outreach program. The university send out their student ambassadors into local primary schools to give them a taste of what university is all about. The scheme was set up 8 years go and is aimed at primary school children within years 5 and 6 in the local area.

The program is set up to allow the children the chance to study a ‘module’ over a series of weeks to try and give them a clear view of further education.

Student ambassador and Games Design student, Ashley Macdonald said; “I think it’s a great program, not only for the students to learn a bit more about university life but for the ambassadors to be given the opportunity to teach children and gain that skill.”

Ashely added; “I wish I’d gotten to experience this sort of thing back when I was in school, it would have helped me a lot through-out school, knowing what to expect after school.”

There are a range of courses that are offered as a part of this scheme including: Geography, Teaching, History, Events Management and Performing Arts. Showing students at a young age what is available for them in the future is a good way of getting more students thinking about their future early on.

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