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Who Is the Winner in This Zendesk vs Intercom Showdown?

zendesk vs intercom vs

Whether it’s getting set up or figuring out the best way to customize meetings for your needs, there are over 85,000 community members willing to  help. Our mission is to break apart what CRM is and means.Here we discuss anything that helps create more meaningful lasting work relationships. Just three of the reasons we outperform traditional ticketing systems like Zendesk on G2. Yes, you can find the Intercom integration in the Zendesk Marketplace—and it’s free to install. With over 100,000 customers across all industries and regions, Zendesk knows what it takes to interact with customers while retaining and growing relationships.

zendesk vs intercom vs

Let us kickstart the comparison with our first parameter- types of users. This section will help us understand whether the software is made for your business or not. While on one hand, you have to scroll through multiple comparison websites, online reviews, etc. On the other hand, you need to be careful about the various needs and requirements of your support team. Teams waste time, energy, and revenue opportunities when they don’t have what they need in one place.

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Selecting the best customer service management software for your business is critical for the success of your customers and agents. On this page, we compare two customer service options directly, Zendesk and Intercom, to help in your evaluation of potential customer service solutions. Both of these platforms provide different packages, features, and benefits that may help your team delight your customers and aid in your team’s success.

If you’re really just focused on the email, maybe say SMS was an easy integration here, CustomerIO could be a good fit, just purely from the messages component. Now let’s go to pricing to understand what it would cost to send different things. Since Gorgias is built specifically for ecommerce, all their integrations will be extremely relevant to your business. It’s also worth noting that since Intercom has an Open API you can easily integrate it with your own product, tech stack, or other tools. However, we’ve noticed that even though all the support channels were integrated into one, teams had to get back to their collaboration tools to ask for help or share ticket information. To help you pick the right tool, we decided to compare the two leading ecommerce customer service software in the market, i.e., Gorgias & Intercom.

Comparing Zendesk alternative: Intercom vs Zendesk

ProProfs takes knowledge management to a whole different level by allowing you to create an online knowledge base, user manuals, documentation, and more. Intercom can be a good choice for medium to large businesses that wish to go for aesthetics/user experience over pricing as the tool is quite heavily priced. ProProfs makes it easier for you to get a pulse on what your customers want. You can share automated surveys to allow them to rate their support experience instantly. With CSAT and NPS surveys you can monitor and improve your customer experience. Choosing the ideal customer service tool is definitely not the easiest of decisions your business will ever make.

What is Zendesk ideal for?

Zendesk Suite is designed to help businesses deliver exceptional customer service by providing a unified and streamlined support experience across multiple channels, including email, chat, phone, and self-service portals.

If you’re looking for the best messaging option or a tool that offers the best interface, choose Intercom. If you wish to strengthen both your sales and customer support teams and enjoy plenty of integrated features, go for Zendesk. On the other hand, if you are looking for a feature-rich tool that comes at less than half the cost of Zendesk and Intercom, then ProProfs can be your ideal support partner. Live chat is one of the most important tools in an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Main strengths of Intercom

There are even automations to help with things like SLAs, or service level agreements, to do things like send out notifications when headlights are due. The best help desks are also ticketing systems, which lets support reps create a support ticket out of issues that can then be tracked. Ticket routing helps to send the ticket to the best support team agent. For Intercom’s pricing plan, on the other hand, there is much less information on their website.

  • By using Help Scout, whether or not you like it, you’re joining a “customer-centric support community”.
  • We also understand that they are our competitors, and so we have taken the utmost care to provide our readers with an unbiased analysis while comparing the two tools.
  • In this case, we’ll see what their similarities and differences are.
  • More than channels, Crisp lets you gather your teams around the inbox to improve collaboration and reduce the time to resolution of each conversation.
  • Our goal is to be objective,

    simple and your first stop when researching for a new service to help you grow your business.

  • Zendesk also offers detailed reports that can be shared with others and enable team members to collaborate on them simultaneously.

Zendesk’s core feature has always been its ticketing system, and it remains the industry’s finest. Since Zendesk’s inception, its ticketing system has remained the best in the business. Zendesk for Service sells three plans, ranging from $49 to $99 monthly per user, with a 30-day free trial available for each plan. Intercom’s role-based permissions allow administrators full control over each department’s and agent’s capabilities, and access to channels and information. Administrator reports allow managers to observe real-time CSAT scores, conversation volume, first response time, and time to close. Intercom wins the reporting and analytics category due to its unique visualization and display formats for contact center and article data.

Zendesk vs. Intercom: Which one should you choose?

That’s their main support, so let’s look a little bit beyond email. Alright, so we have email, we have webhooks, you know webhooks is for integrating just like we said before. Then we can do Twilio for SMS, Urban Airship, which is actually for in-app notifications like web and so on, and then Slack and Zapier for anything else. So we’re really seeing, we’re really set up with email, and if you want anything else, you have to do it yourself.

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You can even create multiple help centers that cater to different audiences, regions, brands and create content in multiple languages. Zendesk also offers an Answer Bot that can help you eliminate wait times. It can automatically suggest necessary help articles to customers and connect them to an agent if the need arises. Most help desk systems offer complementary features such as chat, and knowledge base.

CRM Integrations: The Key to a More Efficient and Productive Team

Based on verified reviews from real users in the Social Customer Service Applications market. See side-by-side comparisons of product capabilities, customer experience, pros and cons, and reviewer demographics to find the best fit for your organization. Zendesk has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 2,693 reviewers.

zendesk vs intercom vs

Increasingly, however, businesses are finding that current live chat platforms such as Intercom are falling flat due to a frustrating lack of functionality. Ultimately, this results in a poor customer experience, putting off prospective customers, disappointing existing ones, and negatively impacting your bottom line. Freshdesk is a customer service software that helps businesses manage their customer service operations. It allows companies to streamline customer support processes, automate workflows, and provide better customer experience. Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform designed to help businesses provide better customer support.

Intercom details

Unlike other Zendesk and Freshdesk alternatives that rely on ticket numbers, Customerly focuses on having meaningful interactions instead of just keeping track of tickets. It is the first messaging platform based on customer behavior, enabling SaaS companies to communicate with their customers through chat and email. A self-service knowledge base contains articles, videos, guides or tutorials that help customers quickly find answers to their questions without contacting the support team. There are dozens of ready-made solutions for online chatting, some tried and true, some fresh and promising, so before you make your decision, size up the scale of your business and assess your budget. Fast-growing companies and established enterprises could pick Intercom or Zendesk, while small businesses would be better off with Chatra and JivoChat. You can publish your knowledge base articles and divide them by categories and also integrate them with your messenger to accelerate the whole chat experience.

  • For very small companies and startups, Intercom also offers a Starter plan–with a balanced suite of features from each of the above solutions–at $74 monthly per user.
  • This means businesses can efficiently engage in conversations at scale, providing a better experience for prospective and current customers to drive conversions and loyalty.
  • LiveAgent is an Intercom alternative you might want to consider as it offers a number of support features that Intercom doesn’t.
  • Your Zendesk articles will be converted into Intercom articles.
  • It is frustrating for customers who need immediate support; hence why they often seek other Zendesk competitors.
  • It allows you to chat with visitors on your website and convert them into customers.

Customers increasingly expect to receive fast, convenient, and personalized support. If I had to describe Intercom’s helpdesk, I would say it’s rather a complementary tool to their chat tools. It’s nice, convenient, but not nearly as advanced as Zendesk. You can create new articles in a simple intuitive WYSIWYG text editor, divide them by categories and sections and customize it with your custom themes. However, it’s obvious that they’re crafted for different use cases.

Intercom vs. Zendesk: Comparing features, integrations, and pricing

The forever free plan comes with basic features such as a single inbox, file attachments, and can be used to handle upto 100 tickets/month. ProProfs offers incredible live chat features that help you offer 24×7 assistance and close more sales. You can leverage chatbots to handle basic customer queries and reduce the burden on your support team. ProProfs Help Desk offers all the necessary ticket management and reporting features that any help desk manager will find useful. No matter if your team receives just 10 customer requests via live chat or a thousand customer issues via email, you can easily manage an influx of customer conversations over multiple channels.

zendesk vs intercom vs

Using the existing knowledge base functionality, they can display self-help articles in the chat window before the customer approaches your team for support. You can create these knowledge base articles in your target audience’s native language as their software is multilingual. They offer an omnichannel live chat solution that integrates with multiple messaging platforms and marketing channels and even automates incoming support processes with bots.

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That not only saves them the headache of having to constantly switch between dashboards while streamlining resolution processes—it also leads to better customer and agent experience overall. The main purpose of a support tool is to allow the entire support team to log in and respond to customer conversations across channels simultaneously. Both the tools also work well to make internal communication possible with the help of Slack integration.

zendesk vs intercom vs

Why choose Intercom?

If you have a website or a web-based product, on desktop and/or mobile you can use Intercom to: Speed and scale like never before with automated customer service – Free your team from repetitive questions using automated chatbots. Maximize team efficiency with AI-powered tools.

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