Unlocked Minute (28/05)

Join us for all the latest news in the most digestible way throughout the day on the hour. You will be hearing Producer Adam alongside every member of the team each hour.


In this minute we are joined by Adam & Sam for the hard news to start your day:

11AM (Entertainment)

Meg joins Adam on the 11 o’clock minute to talk all things entertainment:

12PM (Sport):

Paul is up next to join Adam in the hot seat and talk about everything sport:

1PM (Hard news)

We welcome Sam back in alongside Adam to bring you more of there headlines you need to know:

2PM (Hard news)

Sabrina jumps on this Unlocked Minute to help Adam bring you the headlines that matter:

3PM (Corona free)

Adam & Sam close out the day with the stories that are being drowned out boy Covid-19:

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