Two thirds of young people involved in drink driving

A survey conducted by UoGlos Live has found that 65% of people say they have been in a car whilst the driver had been drinking.

With upcoming christmas parties, people are more likely to have a few drinks and may consider travelling under the influence. Of those surveyed, 84% are 18 to 24. This shows that increasing numbers of young people taking risks and considering driving under the influence.

Over 40% of those surveyed believed that there should be a zero limit for drink driving, with the laws currently stating that the limit is 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath.

Over half believed that the penalty was too lenient stating that a two year wasn’t enough for those who take a risk as big as drink driving.

54 people were arrested during the holiday season last year by Gloucestershire Police. This is an increase of 4%.



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