Women rushed to hospital following drink ‘spiking’

A 20-year old and a 21-year old were taken to hospital after sharing a pitcher of cocktail while out with friends.

The University of Gloucestershire students, who wish to remain anonymous left the pub at 11:20pm after beginning to feel unwell.

The two women were taken to Cheltenham General Hospital’s A&E department, where a doctor told them their drinks had been spiked.

The 20 year old spoke to the Gloucestershire Echo about the incident and said:

“I know I had blurry vision and was sick a lot and I felt very weak. I had no strength, and I’ve had headaches and dizziness since.”

She continued:

“It was a horrible experience and quite frightening. We’re all going to try and learn from the experience and make sure we guard our drinks with our lives from now on”

This incident comes just a few weeks after a girl named Emily was left drunk and alone on Cheltenham’s streets.

The Cheltenham Guardians rescued Emily. and sent out a Facebook post to raise awareness of the seriousness of such issues. This then went viral with national press going on to cover the issue:

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