Top 3 Tips for Managing Money

Managing your money can seem overwhelming and stressful, especially as a student where temptations surround you. As it’s ‘Get Smart About Credit Day’ we thought it would be appropriate to outline our top 3 tips for managing your money and avoiding a lifetime of debt:

   1. Set yourself clear and realistic financial goals:

Setting yourself goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It keeps you focused and gives you something to work towards. Your goals should be realistic and not too challenging, for example a certain amount of money you wish to save each month.

   2. Never max out your credit cards:

A good credit score sets you up for life; whether you’re applying for a mortgage, car or business loan, one of the first things they look for is a good credit rating so make sure you’re always paying back your credit card bills.

   3. Keep your finances organised:

Organisation is key if you want to stay on top of your finances. Whether it’s with a diary or to-do list, it will help you visually manage your money and gives you a clearer idea of your circumstances. Try and get into a good habit of writing everything down as soon as possible.

Make sure you remember these top three tips for managing your money. Take this knowledge, digest it and put it into practice for a healthier, debt-free life!

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