Britain is at the forefront of a “technology revolution” – Phillip Hammond’s budget looks to match European partners

Mathematic’s and Technology are clearly the priorities of Phillip Hammond’s 2017 budget as he begins to make Britain a lead force in the technological age. Hammond’s vision for a science and technology-based future has promised a £600 boost to schools and colleges for every extra sixth-former who takes A-level or core maths; more than £80million will be […]


Robots and Holograms to welcome you to Gloucester’s city centre

Gloucester is taking the next step into the technological world as it welcomes Artificial Intelligence to it’s high street. £400’000 has been awarded by Gloucester First Local Enterprise Partnership (GFirst LEP), the county’s local enterprise partnership, for innovation within the Eastgate shopping centre. The new centre will include holographic employee’s, robotic security guards and drone deliveries. […]


The Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer come to Gloucestershire

Theresa May and Phillip Hammond are in Gloucestershire today, discussing what impact the Autumn statement will have on businesses. Engineering firm Renishaw, in Nailsworth, is hosting the Prime Minister and Chancellor, showing them how its world-leading R&D connects with Government innovation. Mr Hammond said in yesterday’s budget that it’s good to prepare for a “rainy day”. He added […]