Own brand milk taking over independent dairy farms

Got Milk? This family certainly have.

Cottswold Dairy Farm is the leading local in the industry of doorstep delivery. Established in 1938 by Harry Workman, the limited company has been passed down the generations, cherished by all.

Gone are the days of glass milk bottles arriving on your doorstep and a friendly morning greeting from the post man. The supermarket giants have taken over and run milk floats off the streets but the Workman family have stayed strong on a base of local produce, family ethics and hard work. Complete with milk floats, this traditional company continues to provide local, high quality, family made products with no sign of faltering and have only missed a single day since starting out over 80 years ago.

The business churns out over 400,000 litres of milk a day, from 50 farms and 100 cows. This brings in 90% of their revenue but they also provide products such as award winning yoghurts, cheeses and creams. “

Roger Workman is the son of founder Harry Workman who now looks after the business with his son George and numerous other relatives. He says the key to a successful Dairy Farm is a good relationship with farmers and employees, “We insist we get good quality milk. We don’t want any rubbish. It’s got to be right, you know?”

Despite a fierce market supermarkets taking over milkmen and butchers, the Workman’s have remained a staple of elderly people and families diets, providing products to some customers for all or most of their lives. Roger Workman said, “As long as you stay the best and do the right thing you are always gonna win because you can only sell rubbish once”

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