Opinion: Why the High Street is Suffering

We are facing a new reality – High Streets are in crisis and there’s no denying the problem.

Big names are entering administration with chains such as Toys R Us already shutting stores across the UK.

But what are the main reasons why our High Streets are suffering?

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Well for starters online shopping is a big factor, where we have new ways to order items via websites

Buying products from our homes is now a new normality but is this a touch lazy?

Many of us feel disinclined to move an inch to the nearest department store, yet we also feel the need to go out and buy products physically. Buying clothes via Next or Debenhams for example is a pretty bad idea for online.

Choosing the size you want and finding it too small or too large means a trip to the store to return items under Consumer Contract Regulations

Personally why not make a day of shopping rather than staying at home and taking the risk in clothes not fitting you correctly. Then again, issues such as transport don’t make our lives any easier when trying to enter busy congested cities or traffic black-spots. It’s fair to say people have their preferences.

Taking the issue of transport and the current situation on the UK’s highways network is the growth of out-of-town retail parks and designer outlets also affecting our High Streets?

Merry Hill in the West Midlands can be seen as one example of an out-of-town shopping centre putting the strain on the nearby High Street in the town of Stourbridge.


By drawing in the crowds to our out-of-town shopping malls it takes away the business of the CBD (Central Business District) in our towns, particularly towns with independent shops struggling.

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Is Brexit a reason?

With so much uncertainty and the fall in the pound it’s no wonder that Brexit can be considered a reason why the High Street is suffering. Could a potential no deal Brexit affect the High Street?

Opinions are mixed and there is the view that we cannot blame Brexit for everything.

The High Street itself needs some TLC and locally Cheltenham is doing well for itself.

Through my own personal opinion, the town is thriving as a top destination in the UK for shopping. The new John Lewis will certainly make an impact and I believe it will have a good one.

Independent shops still need help to continue their own businesses and they are the ones which need looking after the most.

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