Gaia globe artwork lights up Gloucester Cathedral

The Gaia Earth exhibition has landed in Gloucester Cathedral. The immensely popular attraction has seen tickets sell out this week for afternoon and evening tours.

The globe was created by UK artist Luke Jerram, and will be in Gloucester until November 1st.

This is Jerram’s second exhibition in the Cathedral, following last year’s Museum of the Moon, which brought in over 70,000 visitors.

It measures seven metres in diameter, and aims to create the ‘Overview Effect’. This is a phenomenon experienced by astronauts – a sense of awe and wonder when looking at our planet.

When standing 211m away from the artwork, the public will be able to see the Earth as it looks from the moon.

It is also the aim of the artwork to make us reflect on the environmental choices we’re making, and how we can change to preserve our Earth.

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