Opinion still split on Brexit in Gloucestershire

After the announcement from Brexit secretary David Davis that it will be 11pm on March 29th 2019 before we leave the European Union, Gloucester and Cheltenham residents have had mixed responses to the news.

In the referendum, Gloucester predominantly voted in favour of Brexit, whereas Cheltenham voted to remain.

Some regret how they voted, but others who voted remain believe more could be done by the Government to ensure the process takes place and the UK gets a good deal.

Jonathan Sindall, spokesperson for Cheltenham Remain, said, “I believe Cheltenham voted remain so heavily for a number of reasons.

“There is a reasonably high proportion of population with further and higher education, and there isn’t an obvious absence of industries or decline in the economy.

“I’d like to think our activities helped, but there are some areas of Cheltenham that are associated with voting leave, such as significant number of older and retired people.”


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