Clean our ‘grot spots’ in town

A new campaign to tidy up the streets of Cheltenham has begun. A resident of Carlton Street has set out to tackle clutter related problems, and is urging locals to help out.

Angela Symondson, who moved to Cheltenham a couple of years ago reached out to local Conservative MP, Alex Chalk to clear up the streets when she realised littering was a problem.

Symondson said, “You can’t watch a beautiful town like this crumble under the weight of McDonald wrappers and coca cola bottles.”

Mrs Symondson wants to bring locals together to target badly patched areas in the backstreets of town.

“It’s not a one-sided thing, the council have responsibility,” she added.

Councillor for St Pauls, Andrew Lansley, who is also urging locals to help prevent littering, said, “More money goes to touristic areas.”

Anyone who wants to help clear the streets of Cheltenham, Angela will be arranging a meeting point at 10.30am outside St James’ car park in town.

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