NHS app continues to cause angst with technical issues

The Government’s NHS app is adding to the pandemic-paranoia with users still receiving ‘false alarms’.

Users have reported ‘possible exposure’ notifications, with no follow-up information when opening the app.

The app is designed to give users the date, time and location of potential exposures, as well as a later notification clarifying whether users must isolate.

Those experiencing these false alarms have not received notifications saying whether isolation is needed.

“I’ve had it three or four times and it really puts you on edge” says Emma Bentley, 20, an Advertising student at the University Gloucestershire.

The app launched on 24th September 2020 with 20 million downloads by the end of October.

Health secretary Matt Hancock, said: “We have worked extensively with tech companies, international partners, and privacy and medical experts – and learned from the trials – to develop an app that is secure, simple to use and will help keep our country safe.”

Other issues have been reported alongside this.

Journalism student, Terry Mae, says: “It is annoying that if you do travel places like home it doesn’t update your location on the app, even if you are scanning in new shops etc in a different town.”

An update was released on 29th October aimed at fixing technical issues and making the app ‘more user friendly.’

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