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New cycle path: How Cheltenham is opting for low-emission travel

Whether it be a swift trip to the shops or a long commute into work, our choice of travel is one of the most important climate-based decisions we face each day. As it stands, the travel industry accounts for around one-fifth of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. 

New six-mile cycle route connecting Cheltenham and Gloucester

Here in Cheltenham, the council has been working to find low-emission alternatives of travel. Its newest plan involves a new multi-million pound cycle path that connects Cheltenham and Gloucester. While still under construction, the council hopes that this investment will be convenient to locals and work towards tackling climate change. This comes after their introduction of e-scooters to town last year.

Cheltenham’s ‘Zwings’ e-scooter in action

Looking to the future, Gloucestershire County Council is committed to facilitating the use of electric vehicles. They encourage the public to get in touch if they have any questions, queries or requests for electric infrastructure, both in destination locations and on-street parking.

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