National Men Make Dinner Day

To celebrate the diversity of gender, it is now National Men Make Dinner today – so boys, get your aprons on ready to cook your nearest and dearest women the meal of their dreams.

Immediate Media surveyed 1,261 members of its Insiders’ Panel in Apri 2015, which showed that 29% of men surveyed are more likely to put dinner on the table for their partners and children.


Many women on social networking say this could end up in a disaster, but how would this be in your house?


Hundreds of people of both genders took to Twitter this morning to discuss either their excitement for their three course gourmet meal cooked by their partners – or what they know will be a slightly overcooked oven-pizza. One of the only rules stated for National Men Cook Dinner day is no BBQs, but with the current British October weather, there is no doubt that this is off the agenda.




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