My Lockdown Essentials with Dom Joly

Next up in our series of lockdown essentials we spoke to famous comedian and Cheltenham local, Dom Joly, to get an insight into his life under lockdown.

What’s on your reading list?

“I’m currently reading a travel book about Paraguay called ‘At the tomb of the inflatable pig’ – I’m a travel writer so I’m travelling vicariously during lockdown.”

What are you watching right now?

“I’ve been binge watching ‘The Last Dance’, an incredible documentary series on Michael Jordan, and all six series of ‘Schitt’s Creek’, the warmest, funniest comedy in years.”

How do you stay active?

I’ve downloaded an NHS podcast called ‘Couch to 5K‘ and have started running for the first time in my life. It’s incredible and really works.

Favourite musical choices?

“I’ve started a Spotify playlist called “Songs to get us through this shit” and I add a new song every day and talk about it on Instagram Live. We are at day 71. It includes stuff by Nick Cave, ‘Boxer Rebellion’ and my current favourite band, ‘Gang of Youths’.”

How are you keeping in touch?

“I spend my life on zoom- weekly quiz night with friends, regular one-on-ones and I’m even filming a series of adverts at home using my family as crew. I also walk my dogs every day and have distant conversations with fellow dog walkers.”

Your ultimate comfort food?

“Ultimate comfort food is cauliflower cheese. I have even experimented with different recipes and am approaching perfection.”

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