Mindfulness saved my life

Steve Brisk was a highly successful Sales Manager for Clarke shoes who travelled the length and breadth of the country four days a week. He would often spend an additional two days flying to either Scotland or Northern Ireland.
That was until he was diagnosed with the crippling incurable illness Multiple Sclerosis. His diagnosis didn’t stop him from working, moving from Sales Management into Head Office Administration.

His hard working mentality did eventually lead to a serious deterioration in his health and he was forced to retire.
Without work Steve’s life began to fall apart around him, he consistently overdosed on prescription medication whilst also drinking heavily. He’d spend evenings wondering how he’d get through the day battling with chronic depression.

That was when he stumbled across a “Practicing Awareness” book after hearing on the radio that the Beatles were huge advocates of the subject.

In an exclusive interview he said “I was suicidal but Mindfulness helped me to accept my MS and helped me find my perfect life”.

After three months of disciplined dedicated study Steve found himself viewing life in a whole new light and decided that he had to ensure that others had the opportunity to see their lives differently with the help of Mindfulness.

He now teaches classes of up to thirty people ranging from complete beginners through to meditating experts.

Although he is seen as a meditation leader in Gloucestershire Steve certainly wouldn’t call himself an expert. He told us he regularly listens to and reads the work of Mindfulness experts Jon Kabot Zinn and Tich Nat Hanh whilst constantly updating his own techniques.

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