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bottos chorizo


asked how the show has affected business, Robert reports that the feedback from

customers has been very positive. The

brothers asked Ramsey and his team to stay true to their father’s legacy when

redesigning the dining area, and he did not disappoint. “The pictures on the

second floor really show a tribute to our family history,” said Henry. The

chef, also known for his culinary perfectionism and volatile temper, came in


bottos chorizo

Fall is an especially nice time to visit Gold Country, when the foliage is changing color and the summer’s intense heat in this part of interior California gives way to a more pleasant ambiance. Wild Plum Campground is open end of May through October and offers fishing access directly on Haypress Creek and additional opportunities just a short walk away on the more productive North Fork Yuba River. The Lakes Basin region of the northern Sierra is a short drive up Highway 49 and the Golden Lake Highway, which makes Wild Plum a great base for exploring the granite and lake-dotted region.

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They are made with the high quality material are not fatty and don’t flare up on the grill. My mouth is watering as I type this email they are absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Yesterday, I took large packs of your Sweet Italian Sausages to be grilled for approx. During fall the area cools down, and this is a great time for hiking in the park. The weather makes the trails pleasant, and visitors have hiking options ranging from easy to strenuous. Scenic hiking trails include the Point Defiance Loop Trail and the old flume converted Independence Trail.

Prior to the California Gold Rush, San Francisco was home to less than 1,000 people. Those who benefited most from the gold rush, other than the early miners already in the area when gold was first found, were the merchants who supplied the goods, fare, booze and entertainment to the men panning for ore. Continuing the trend for the evening, the desserts were delicious.

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Be sure not to miss the historic Bridgeport Covered Bridge, which also provides river and swimming access. Sardine Lake Campground is open June through October and offers camping access to one of the prettiest lakes in the Lakes Basin area, Lower Sardine Lake. Both the lake and the campground are popular with fisherman who come to fish the trout-rich waters that lie below the scenery of Sierra Buttes. Beyond the fishing access, Sardine Lakes Campground is ideally located for exploring various trails, mountaintops, and the many lakes of scenic Lakes Basin. A visit to the heart of Gold Country today is a mix of history and nature.

  • A visit to the heart of Gold Country today is a mix of history and nature.
  • To complete

    the updated ambiance, the brothers even decided to add new carpeting and to

    redo the restrooms, at their own expense.

  • Sections of the river canyon, such as at Highway 49 Crossing, are lined with large granite boulders that form picture-perfect swimming holes surrounded by rock perches ideal for wasting a few weekend hours away.
  • Henry

    and Robert were able to make improvements to the restaurant menu based on

    feedback from Ramsey and his team, including cutting the choices down to a more

    manageable size.

  • Sample the new house wines, locally

    crafted from the world’s best grapes.

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somewhat smaller, the menu still offers the old standbys, like veal chop

parmesan and veal chop Milanese. If you enjoy spicy or mexican style chorizo sausage, try Botto’s Chorizo Links. One of their best sellers packed with the best spices for optimal flavor and heat. This freshly pork blended masterpiece is sure to leave your taste buds satisfied. Tucked away in the Ponderosa laden Sierra foothills near Nevada City, Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park is home to remnants of what was once the world’s largest hydraulic mining pit.

bottos chorizo


years ago, the factory made a major capital investment by adding on a cooking

facility so they could offer pre-cooked meals of sausage and peppers and

meatballs and sauce to customers. The Botto’s

sausage and meatball factory, run by brothers Dominic and Vincent, is now

selling in over 27 states and still expanding. The factory produces Italian

sweet and hot sausages, breakfast links, chorizo and andouille sausages and

Italian meatballs. Herrington’s Sierra Pines Resort offers a cozy mountain retreat set within this northern Sierra enclave, near the Pacific Crest Trail/Highway 49 junction. The seasonal resort is open from May through October, catering to anglers, families, and outdoorsy folks looking for reasonably priced lodging within a short drive of the Lakes Basin area.

Botto’s Chorizo Sausage Club Pack


Henry, a resident of Woolwich Township, holds a hotel/restaurant management

degree from the University of Delaware and runs the restaurant kitchen. His duties

also include overseeing the food and beverage services and inventory for the

bar and restaurant. Robert

and Henry’s parents, Robert Sr. and Catherine, came to Swedesboro in 1964 from

Philadelphia. They opened a small grocery store in what is now the Pat’s

Pizzeria building. The store offered freshly butchered meats, and it was during

this time that Robert Sr. developed the famous recipe for Botto’s Italian

sausage. “For

those who don’t have time to cook on a weeknight, this offers delicious Italian

classics at great convenience,” explained Robert.

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