Knife Crime: Young people have their say

Young people in Gloucestershire have called on crime prevention organisations such as the police to do more to educate the youth about knife crime.

A recent incident involving a school boy who was threatened with a knife in Gloucester has sparked a growing concern. Students at the University of Gloucestershire had their say on ways to tackle knife crime.


Here are some thoughts from student on the topic:

“The Police and other organisations should present real cases of the consequences it can have the impact it leaves on the victims family and that should put them off.” – Tom Davis, 19

Inspector Tim Woods who helped organise a recent youth outreach knife crime awareness programme told Gloucestershire Live:

“We invited young people to take part in hearing stories based on real emotions to change attitudes and mindsets.” 

Another student wanted more focus on understanding different groups of people and their social interest.

More should be done to understand the music some groups of young people listen to which affiliate with gang culture, drugs and crime and this will help prevent crime” – Emmanuel Jay, 19

There was a strong focus on schools and colleges in particular and efforts to find creative ways to tell serious messages.

“Having theatres come in and act out real life scenarios to school kids and college students is not only engaging but it’s hard hitting and gets the message across.”  – Lydia Cole, 20

Organisations and charities such as Increase the Peace and Safer Gloucester are also focusing on engaging with the community to tackle knife crime and widen their understanding of the links between young people and knife crime.



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