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Nearly a year into the pandemic and the daily story of Covid-19 is being told in numbers to an increasingly desensitised UK population.   

Today our Health Unmasked team is looking at the human stories behind these numbers. 

Megan looks at digital techniques to tackle mental health issues from home as the Calm app leads the meditation field with 3.9 million downloads in 2020. As numbers of unpaid carers more than double to 13.6 million in the pandemic Liz finds out why the role of unpaid caring is reducing carers to despair. Zhara‚Äôs focus is on schools and the strain teachers are under, and why teachers should join the 15 million people already prioritised in the vaccine roll out.  And Mae introduces trypanophobia, a fear that could stop 3.5 % to 10% of the UK population from getting a vaccine jab.

News snippets: credit Sky News, BBC News and

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