Daily Covid-19 Updates

As the UK government encourage more people to vaccinate, the Unmasked Health Team offer you a daily dose of information regarding the coronavirus statistics.

More than just the numbers, we will ensure to include news stories that cover not only the figures but the people behind the data.

We will be investigating the following:

  • New ways of coping with mental health in lockdown
  • Vaccinations
  • Health of teachers and carers

We are digging deep into digital therapy and online mental health resources. We want to know how these platforms are helping people as well as shedding light into how they compare to face-to-face alternative.

Image from Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust

One focal point will be looking at how Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust has recently partnered with silver cloud to offer online CBT resources and how the movement to online has benefitted or affected people who are struggling.

In Gloucestershire, 15,000 people, almost half of the health and social workers in Gloucestershire have received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine according to vaccination data in PHE & DHSC.

Image of vaccine from Unsplash

It is with great pride that health and social workers are being good role models for the rest of the community as they push forward into vaccinations.

However, there is a significant despair as carers cope with the third national lockdown with limited support from the government. We will be looking at how Carer organisations have found a new way to go digital and still communicate with carers.

Ongoing investigations on the atmosphere left behind as a results of a vast number of positive tests arise in primary school.

Keep an eye out for our coverage throughout the week and for our podcast which will be discussing the investigations behind the headlines.

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