Expert in Cheltenham issues warning about novelty contact lenses

As Halloween approaches, we are more inclined to wear novelty contact lenses in order to complete our fancy dress outfits. However with these accessories come their own health issues – so how can we minimise infections and bad eye problems whilst having a good time?

We spoke to Harpneet Kular, the manager of CrossEyes in Cheltenham who said:

“People who haven’t been taught how to insert contact lenses properly have been known to get them stuck in their eyes. People also don’t know how to clean them correctly nor do they know their own right fit. Eye infections can cause blindness if not treated correctly. My best advice is to go to a registered optician who can give you an accurate fitting.”  

We also spoke to Rodrey Setting, the manager of Banners ‘n’ Balloons in Cheltenham and he confirmed sales of contact lenses do rise during halloween. He mentioned “We advise people that you can’t wear novelty contact lenses over contact lenses. We have been selling them for 3 years now and we have never had a problem with any of our novelty lenses. I think as long as you go to a reputable company and do NOT go online – because you don’t know what you are getting that way ”.

So whatever you’re doing this halloween, make sure you take care of your eyes!

Have you ever had any problems with novelty  contact lenses? Let us know!

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