COVID Marshals are patrolling the streets of Gloucestershire, but what have they done so far?

COVID compliance officers began patrolling the streets of Gloucestershire at the start of November. They were employed to ensure that people are sticking to social distancing guidelines, and are on hand to distribute face coverings and hand sanitiser.

They have also been monitoring businesses in the county to make sure they’re sticking to government guidlines.

It’s now been 11 days since the marshals hit the streets, so what have they done so far?

Unmasked News spoke to Julie Turner from Gloucester City Council’s Community Wellbeing team. She said:

“We have City Protection Officers in Gloucester who carry out Covid related work for 32 hours a week, usually in pairs.

A Community/ City Protection Officer role is to engage, explain and encourage members of the public and businesses to comply with current Covid 19 legislation and guidance from Government.

They are supporting the Councils, Police and Trading Standards officers with their role of the 4 E’s messages and have a highly visible ambassadorial role within the districts. As part of this, if they find breaches of guidance or legislation they will offer advice/ guidance or reassurance first and as a last resort if they witness further breaches a ‘yellow card’ could be issued.

She explained that only 2 yellow cards have been issued so far. “This means if they are witnessed continuing to breach the rules they could be prosecuted by either the Police or the local authority.  These Covid measures are to reduce the transmission rate amongst the population.”

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