Cheltenham’s Christmas Creep: Why are we celebrating earlier than ever?

Ebenezer Scrooge may come from the UK, but Google has confirmed that in fact Brits are the last people to be scoffing ‘Bah Humbug’ during the festive season.

Statistics from the search engine show that within the past five years the United Kingdom search the word ‘Christmas’ more than any other country in the world.

Cheltenham is no exception to embracing the festive feeling as early as possible, with popular shops and attractions in the town already offering the Christmas cheer to their customers, and this has been the case for the past few years.

However, with the dreaded Brexit deadline looming on the 31st January 2020, will this early enthusiasm for Christmas come to a sudden halt next year?

The country’s toy market sales dipped by 5% last year without the full effects of leaving the EU, so popular toy shops in Cheltenham such as Smyths and The Entertainer are predicted to suffer further in 2020.

In retrospect to this, Brexit may be a blessing in disguise for one Gloucestershire business. Cheltenham’s neighbouring town, Tewkesbury, is home to car centre Porsche, and the departure from the EU has actually driven up their sales.

Sales executive Jamie Hargreaves confirms “initially Brexit affected new car sales as there was risk of an import fee if we were to leave. However, Porsche have guaranteed that customers do not have to pay the 10%, so this has actually become a sales tool for new cars”.

But what do the people of Cheltenham really think? Are they in favour of an October Christmas market? Or is the premature festivity too much for the public?

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