Cheltenham gears up for Valentines Day

Window displays are brimming with hearts and cards, there are flower stalls on every street corner and local pubs have released their exclusive menus – all in the name of St Valentine.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so it seems locals are getting gifts for their loved ones early to avoid the weekend rush.


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Sarah, a florist on Cheltenham high street, explains ”I normally only work two days a week, but this week I have had to work five. I have started some days at 8am and not finished until past midnight – it’s crazy!”

Louise from Clinton Cards said: “We have been really busy. Normally we aren’t this busy until the day before, but it seems people are getting more involved with Valentine’s Day this year. We have all had to do extra shifts, so we can manage.”

As well as retail staff working extra hours to ensure Valentine’s Day goes to plan, pubs and restaurants are also pulling out the stops with custom cocktails, exclusive menus and heart-shaped decor.

Georgia, assistant manager at The Strand Pub in Cheltenham, says: “We have put in a lot of extra hours to plan some fun stuff for couples to do at the weekend. As it is a Sunday we thought we would expand the offers we have for the whole weekend.”

But is everyone excited for Valentine’s Day?

Jess, a barista from Cheltenham, says: “I really don’t like Valentine’s Day, I’d rather my husband buy me flowers any other day apart from that day. It’s totally commercialised.”

Zoe, a student from The University of Gloucestershire says “My boyfriend and I are going to go for dinner and then I’ll be supporting him at one of his band’s gigs.”

Mandy, a chef from Cheltenham, says: “I’m actually going to Dubai with my husband for Valentine’s Day. Well, my son is coming too so it won’t be that romantic!”

We couldn’t find any men available for comment.


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