16 new schools needed for Gloucestershire

Scape Group, a public sector owned built environment specialist, has claimed that Gloucestershire County will need to build 16 new schools by 2020 to keep up with the rising number of pupils.

The county council do not see the situation as this severe though. Instead, they are following forecasts that say the county needs just two more classrooms across the county and are in talks with schools where the development is best suited.

The claims come in light of their report on the need to build over 2000 primary and secondary schools across the country. This follows on from a similar report by the company on just primary schools in 2015. Scape Group has said that the report doesn’t take into account available spaces in schools or the plans that councils already have in place.

Mark Robinson, Scape Group Chief Executive said, “Our school age population is projected to grow significantly over the next ten years – a 12% increase on today’s numbers. However, the challenge is already upon us, as the biggest increases will happen in the next four years. As our rising birth rate and migration cause our primary population to surge, we must also prepare for the growing numbers of secondary school pupils which will inevitably follow.”

Gloucestershire County Council have yet to respond.

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