£250,000 CCTV upgrade set to tackle crime in Cheltenham town centre

Cheltenham Borough Council have announced that £250,000 will be invested into CCTV in the area.

This comes following fears for public safety, after a series of incidents in the town centre.

The alleyway on Grosvenor Terrace, leading off the High Street and towards Lidl supermarket, has been identified as a particular cause f0r concern.

Shopkeepers in the vicinity have reported blood stains and broken glass situated in the area, and a man was recently found unconscious.

The area has also been named by shop owners as being a key spot for drug dealing, and exchanging of stolen goods.

The council have now revealed that the coverage of CCTV in the town centre is set to receive a significant investment, in an attempt to reduce such incidents.

Gloucestershire Police control and monitor the country’s CCTV coverage  and will work with the council to develop these plans.



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