The impact of TV shows on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a storyline which is prevalent in many TV shows around the world, particularly in the UK.

Hollyoaks is the latest soap to reveal that they will be producing a Domestic Violence storyline for 2018, starting at the end of January.

The abuse will involve the Maalik family where Imran will be physically and emotionally abusing his mother, Misbah.

Famous TV soaps in the UK have been praised for their efforts in making Domestic Abuse look as realistic was possible. In 2013 Coronation Street did a story about how a man (Tyrone) was being abused by his partner (Kirsty). This went on for several months and charities saw a boost in telephone calls from men as a result of this.

As well as Coronation Street, Eastenders have also done their own version of violence earlier this year. They were praised by leading charities such as Women’s Aid for showing more graphic violence. Eastenders decided to show one of the male characters (Lee) hitting his girlfriend (Whitney).

Sally Morrissey, Support services Manager at GDASS, says “I think that so long as it is dealt with appropriately it is  a good thing as it raises awareness, we always get more calls when there has been something on TV or radio”.

“On average two women are killed by their partner or ex – partner every week in England and Wales” (Women’s Aid)  The programme showed people the harsh reality of what it can do to people.

Office for National Statistics has found that Domestic abuse now accounts for 1 in 10 of all crimes and 70% of domestic homicides between April 2013 and march 2016 were women.


Clip from Eastenders

Clip from Coronation Street

To view the Coronation Street clip, click here 

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