Stella McCartney’s sleepless night: the A to Z of SS21 sustainability

Renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney has released her alphabetical manifesto for the future of sustainable fashion.

McCartney’s idea sprung from a sleepless night, dwelling over the state of the world and the climate crisis. This prompted her to put the lockdown lull to good use and form an ethical guideline for her brand’s future.

The McCartney manifesto was brought to life on the runway with the use of repurposed fabrics paraded round an imposing stone platform, indicative of a lunar landscape. Stella McCartney’s Spring 2021 show brought tree-hugging paganism and slick steez together. Midsommer-meets-McCartney.

“Returning to the world, we need to come together to speed up positive change. During that global moment of pause, we all saw that nature can heal. What’s beautiful about the days we’re living in is that out of such trauma, disruption and reflection, this really is a time of hope.”

Stella McCartney

The garments imbued modern cuts with the natural world, using seashells and fauna to illustrate the sustainable, organic aesthetic the brand is championing. Simple, bold tailoring choices drive home the forward-facing, optimistic ambition of Stella’s 4 am revelations.

Margaret McDonough, Head of Fashion Design at the University of Gloucestershire, said: “It’s such a huge topic… It’s an incredibly vast scope how people perceive sustainable and ethical design. It’s all very well and good for parts of society to say ‘we need to make this change and that means buying high quality goods.’ But how do we expect families or individuals in lower income brackets to engage with that when we know they can go to Primark and access something that’s really affordable?”

The manifesto is in collaboration with twenty six artists, each contributing a single artwork for the brand. Artists such as Jeff Koons, Rashid Johnson and iconic fashion illustrator Erte are included in the works.

Stella follows in the footsteps of her parents, Paul and Linda McCartney, both renowned animal rights activists. She has been vegetarian her whole life and refuses to use leather or fur in her collections.

The brand have pledged to minimise waste and focus their efforts on using repurposed and upcycled materials. “We will continue questioning our approach and searching for better, vegan solutions to create the most sustainable clothing without ever sacrificing timeless luxury or dreamy desirability.”

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